Thursday, August 16, 2007

i think, therefore igoogle

What a wonderful thing igoogle is! How would you like everything in your web browsing experience arranged on one single site? Your personal homepage...
Here's a list of things you can access just by signing in to igoogle
  • Daily stock quotes
  • Loads of games
  • To-do lists
  • Your bookmarks list
  • Quote for the day
  • Your personal horroscope for the day
  • A clock that shows the time at any city in the world
  • Sticky notes
  • Weather forecasts
  • News bulletins
  • Slideshows of beaches etc
  • Your Garfield strip of the day
  • Calender (with agenda)
  • Dictionary
  • Google web definitions (for any reference)
  • Thesaurus
  • Language Translator
  • Feeds to your favourite bloggers' websites (me!)
  • a choice of hundreds of google gadgets
No, they aren't paying me to write this! It is really something I have become a fan of. The best part is you can easily add/remove/rearrange the gadgets as you wish. This has greatly simplified my life. I am able to organize my day better because of this. The first thing I do everyday is sign in to igoogle. There I see links to all other places I want to visit, all things I need to do..its an excellent all-in-one solution lookup. And, you have all your data with you even if you change your computer or location!
So..what're you waiting for? Sign up.. you just need your gmail id.

And what's more..adding my blog to your personal homepage is simpler than ever! Just click on the 'Add to Google' button on the right side, and we're all set! You will then be able to see when I've updated my blog in a totally unobtrusive way.

Readers who are already using ig, please share your experience..
Way to go Google! Cheers


drashkum said...

this is similar to my yahoo

Pooja said...

thanks for this is really useful tool....

Steven said...

I think I'm gonna name my next child Googly!!!

Google rocks

I will link you

Aditi said...

Yaaa, Its great!! Me using it too....infact we are using the Google Apps like the Corporate Email service which they offer (THE FREE VERSION...which is very good) as our mail server...its too good!!! I get 2 GB space, can access my emails from anywhere and the best part is, the auto sync, whenever I send an email from Outlook it appears in the Sent Mail and whenever I send an email from the Gmail interface, it comes as an email to my outlook....Google is my best friend :D