Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dan Brown Code

I've just finished the last of Dan Brown's books...
I read them in this order:
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Angles and Demons
  • Digital Fortress
  • Deception Point
He's a great writer no doubt; but guess what...
I found a common pattern in all his books! Maybe its a code..maybe he wants us to guess the end of his newest book 'The Solomon Key'

  1. There's a Major controversy in all 4 books. Da Vinci Code challenges the beliefs of Christianity, Angels and Demons challenges the Pope's integrity, Digital fortress challenges American intelligence agencies' lack of respect for the common man's privacy on the internet, and Deception Point lashes out at NASA and the amount of money spent on it v/s the success stories it has given
  2. All the books start off with the murder of someone we don't yet know, but later turns out to be the key element in the mystery.
  3. All stories begin at night, waking up the hero from his deep slumber and plunging him into deeper trouble than he ever imagined (Poor David from Digital Fortress)
  4. His perils end in 48 hours during which he gets no sleep... as all the stories cover a span of super-activity packed 2 days
  5. There's a beautiful and brilliant heroine in all the books (except Angels and Demons) who gets involved in the plot because she is related to/works with the key element in the mystery.
  6. All novels are fast paced, and the controversy is narrated as the hero/heroine learns it
  7. There's a RUTHLESS killer in each novel, who kills 4-5 key people brilliantly & mercilessly, without any evidence leading to him, under the instructions some evil plotter; and then dies himself
  8. The hero and heroine are in mortal danger at least 5-6 times, and save themselves in the most astonishing ways
  9. *SPOILER WARNING* The suspense: The villain is the person we trust most, and his reasons are the most unexpected; he goes completely against all the principles he showed he stood for throughout the story
  10. All suspicion leads to one person who is most likely to be the evil planner behind the plot, as he has the most motives, but then he turns out to be a victim of the actual planner. Invariably, he/she dies (Remember the President's PA in Deception point?) *END OF SPOILER WARNING*
No offense, Mr Brown, I still love and enjoy all your books. They are unrealistically fast paced, with a time-bomb on the protagonists' heads, but the plots are always so brilliant, and they unravel so fast that we invariably love the book in the end.

Awaiting the next one :)


Karthick said...

ya tht was some good number of similarities u have listed...all the more the basic strategy is to tie u to the book whenever u start reading them...hats off to brown...

Sravanthi said...

Thats really a gud no. of comparisons neha.. did u observe another thing.. thr is a handicapped person also.. i think DECEPTION POINT is the only exception