Thursday, September 6, 2007

Black is in... BLACKLE

Have you heard about this one yet? This is a site that is suggesting Google to save power, developed by Heap Media, an Australian Company.

What is it?
  • Blackle is a custom version of Google in black
  • It does not belong to Google Inc.
  • The search is powered by Google

It was found that an all-white website requires about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts. Google, with its while background, and its 200 million queries a day, could reduce global use by 750 Mega watt-hours a year by simply changing its homepage color to black.
Read more about blackle here.

I find this very nice, and hope Google decides to change its homepage soon. I mean...we're all so hooked to Google; how long will it take to get used to a minor change? Especially if it is going to save the world's power?

Meanwhile, I recommend you all to use Blackle as your default search engine. Its easy...just remember to type instead of your

My own small initiative to save power is having a black blog , plus the optimistic view that its readers will increase to such a number that it will actually amount to a significant difference :)


poppyseedmuffin said...

That idea makes sense on paper, but who really wants to look at a black page? It's kind of depressing.

NeoAuteur said...

Looks stylish!

Vyaas said...

Thanks...very informative...
(Using the google toolbar helps too right?)

Anonymous said...

Blackle will however give benefits only when running on PC and not on laptop. Since laptop uses LCD screen, the power consumed is always the same whether you have a white page or a black one...


admin said...

You may also be interested in the Carbon Neutral Search Engine it uses Google Custom Search and is black too but offsets a minimum of 100g of CO2 per search

rajit said...

I had heard of (the eco friendly version of google), but now they have launched blackle games i dunno if any energy is saved, but atleast it doesnt hurt the eye, lol

Anonymous said...

LCDs use more energy to display black. CRTs dont ... so incase someone is still stuck in the darkages, blackle is a good idea. If you're not ... no cool black for you!