Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Witch of Portobello

I just finished my exams, and kick started my vacation with this 'international bestseller'. I always believe that before an author begins a book, before a film-maker starts working on a new movie, before an editor commences his piece.... he should make sure that he has enough 'substance' to fill 100 pages, or 3 hours, or one page.
Mr Coelho had an excellent idea, and a very unique style to tell his new story, but the story itself was really not enough to fill a book. It had many 'blank spaces' that the book itself talks about, and they were surely not inspiring enough to go off in search of lost mothers, or that 'something missing' in someone's life. The problem is, even people with good writing skills have started believing that they have a philosophy worthy enough to make a song and dance about.
And Indian readers..... This is a NOVEL, a story. I wonder why the version sold in India omits the tiny 'a novel' that is seen on its international counterpart.
Read it only if you are prepared to get bored in between, searching for some philosophical pieces of wisdom, but getting only 'blank spaces'

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aart hilal said...

I also loved this book! Do you know Paulo is launching this experiment where he is inviting his readers to adapt the book to the screen?
Check it out :
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