Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to celebrate Vata Pournima outside India

Vata Pournima is the Indian festival in which a wife fasts all day and worships the Banyan tree, for her husband. Traditionally, she should tie a white string around the grand tree, and place fruits and other offerings in front of it. Then she offers symbols of prosperity to other married women.
Nice and neat.Simple enough, right? What can be too difficult there?
Well, for starters, what if you are not in India? Do you know how difficult it is to find a Banyan tree in other countries? A string is easy if you are living there, but not if you are there on work...
What if, inspite of all this, you want to celebrate to your heart's content?

Here's what you can do.. I present to you (from experience) a list of substitutes you can innovatively choose, if you are the type who'd like to do your best to get the full festival experience.
  1. Banyan tree----- Google image search result for 'Banyan Tree' on your desktop
  2. White string----- Ipod earphones
  3. Fruits-----------No need for substitute
  4. Kumkum--------Red lipstick
Here's what the substitute version looks like time you find yourself in a place where celebrating a festival seems impossible, think again...celebrate, and enjoy.

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SATISH said...

Good idea to satisfy your innerself.