Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dhobi What?!!

What? And Why?? This whole movie is like modern art. An abstract painting, for you to look at, and derive your own interpretations. Here's mine....Dhobi NOT!!

It really made me think of an indulging parent praising the work of, and even posing to be painted by a child who really shouldn't be painting at all!!! Aamir Khan should have let his lady try her hand at writing or interior decoration!

The story starts off as a series of random events in the lives of 4 of its characters, and keeps moving with the same style. The only interesting story is that of the lady who occupied artist Aamir Khan's house before him. But even that could have had a definitive ending. And the amateurish style of the video shooting to show that the lady was a novice gets on your nerves after a while. Really could have been done better - it speaks for amateurish direction, giving the movie a documentary-feel.

Overall- ok to watch @ can definitely give the theatre a miss!

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