Saturday, October 8, 2011


Ohh this movie is so 'no fun'!! 

Well...what matters is how you look at it. There is an interesting suspense angle to it.. the big question being... how on earth can none of the characters be exposed to cell phones with good network? Even when the movie FINALLY ended, I found myself saying.. Now I'll never know whether this defunct couple ever gets a cell phone, or ever learns how to leave each other accurate messages on voicemail/answering machines. Thats the suspense...the director keeps you guessing till the end!

There's comedy too.. especially the train scene in Switzerland where he comes running for her. Then the tragedy.. this heroine is there facing the music for each calamity that took place since 1993! 
In the first half, nothing happens. They don't even speak more than 3 lines to each other. Ohh so flat! There's no scope for good acting, and both Shahid and Sonam have promptly given it a miss. And yes! The mystery.. You'll never guess, even after the end credits start rolling, why this 3 hour ad for a mobile network was called 'Mausam'. 

Ho hum. Atleast the mystery of why they used the tagline 'a timeless love story' is solved. They make you lose track of the year that's being depicted with their mindless anachronisms.

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