Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na

Finally! A light movie that even makes sense! Plus, good music, remarkable acting, great show by newcomers, sweet romance and subtle humor that really cracks you up. What more could you ask for??!!
Personally, I love college-group stories. They are so nostalgic! I am sure everyone thinks of their own college days, their own groups, their special nicknames, fights, make-ups etc on seeing such movies. Jaane Tu surely falls in this category.
Its about the fun a group can have together...

Genelia D'souza (who plays Aditi) is very natural in her role as a sweet college girl, and Imran is perfect for the cute college guy as well.
All the characters have been well-thought of and there is no person or event that is unnecessarily added, just for humor.
The cat funeral in the beginning of the movie, though a bit cheesy, makes sense in the story later, as it goes to show that there is only one thing that will make Aditi smile now, and there is only one person who knows what that will be. Very well shown... glow-in-the-heart sweet. Great song too. In fact, all songs are good and catchy, and they are just the right number.. not too many, and not too less.
The relations of all the characters have been potrayed brilliantly. I liked Aditi's relation with her brother, and Jai's relation with his mother (as well as dead father) the most.
The gujju guy in the group (Jignesh) is superb!!
The story is sweet........ go see it! Good work...i'd rate it 4.5/5


Vamsi said...

Loved this review of Jaane tu Ya Jane na. I have to see the movie after reading your review...:)

Drunken Dragon said...

Nice review La Pansive.

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Anonymous said...

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