Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

I wish my readers and all Ganesh devotees a happy Ganesh Chaturthi. This is an Indian festival, where families bring an idol of their beloved Lord Ganesh home, and perform Pujas, Aartis, and invite friends and family over for Darshan and distribute prasad.
Now, want to wish everyone a 'Happy' Ganesh season (this is a ten-day long festival).
But, dare I wish them a 'Quiet' Ganesh season?
How about an 'Environment Friendly' Ganesh season?
What about a 'Clean' Ganesh season?
I think that would be asking for too much.....
Quiet??? I would be offending the sentiments of thousands who like to hire discordant bands and dance on the roads with full blast sound systems....

Environment Friendly? Then I would be asking them to consider replacing something like this....

With something like this.

Plus, they will have to give up their chance to show off their thermocol carving skills for the lord's home

Clean? Then they will have to forsake the 'traditional' method of song, dance, flowers, decorations, visarjan...... can I ask them to give all this up??? God will be angry with them if they don't do this to him, right?
So...let me not be controversial.... let me just wish them all a 'Happy' Ganesh Chaturthi.....

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