Monday, November 8, 2010

Mumbai Pune Mumbai

I saw this one with cousins over the weekend. This is what I'd call a complete success! Good direction, great acting, nice dialogues, and for once, everyone's sticking to the story line!
Its a love story. I really don't remember the last time someone made a love story in Marathi!! The story begins with a Mumbai girl's visit to Pune. Her first glimpses of Pune and the subtleties of the differences between the two cites are very nicely portrayed during her search for an address there. The story unfolds between conversations with a stranger who helps her. Both the actors have done a great job..Very natural dialogue delivery, and a very easy exchanges of ideas. I think after Pu La's hilarious Mumbaikar-Punekar-Nagpurkar....this is a very apt and modern take on the definite differences that still exist between the lives and thinking of the citizens of the two cities.
Music's nice too. There's a title track, and just one song during the movie...and what a lovely one!! Kadhi Tu.....
And of course...a sweet ending! That's definitely the quintessential necessity for making a love story successful. Go see it! I give it 4 and half stars!!

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