Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Lose Your Mind...Lose Your Weight

 I'm not the obsessive type who'd lose her mind over losing weight! But I still picked this book up, and didn't regret it for even a minute! By the way, the fact that Kareena Kapoor got her Tashn look by following Rujuta's diet plan is a great incentive to get curious and want to know what's in this book..

Here's a perky, entertaining account of the things you can do to make slight alteration to your lifestyle and diet if you want to look like a million dollars. The message is simple, what you'd keep hearing in Yoga classes or from your parents, but the way its delivered really makes you want to do it. Here are some things she says in the book:
  1. Use your common sense while eating and exercising. 
  2. It really is possible to eat whatever you like and still stay fit, the trick is in knowing when and how much you eat
  3. Her message in her words: Eat local, think global..
  4. Split up your meals into smaller parts and have something every two hours 
  5. Eat more during the day and less at night
  6. Start your day with a fresh fruit instead of tea/coffee
Her writing style is good, although I wouldn't give her full marks for grammar.... but what she has to say is  nicely said, and her cheeky similes make you forget that this is a self help book. Its almost as fast-paced and entertaining as a chick-lit! Here's an example of her witty way to drive a point home.."If you eat like a dog at night, you'll behave like a b**** during the day"  Ouch!! But who'll forget now, that suppers are supposed to be light?!
I'd say....Go for it! Read it, and try to apply it in your life!

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