Sunday, May 30, 2010


That name kinda rhymes with Yikes!! Well... if you're expecting something like this picture...idyllic, sweet or just meaningful.... be prepared for a major let-down. Personally, I don't like movies where the lead character lacks character...
Its mainly about the chase... they could have really done better with the Spanish chica and Indian chora love story part. instead, they've focused on how bad life gets for them. Barbara has a nice smile, and Hritik's got style... but too bad they turned a potentially nice love story into this mess....

I would rather spend my weekend flying a kite with family :)

Hey, by the way, kite flying is not so easy... In the pic, you see my dad, who's an expert, trying his hand at it after ages... and the rest of us doing what we're good at....watching and admiring.


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