Sunday, February 21, 2016

High up high

At the park near Cheenu dada's place
Ishan, Mumma, Sulu mavshi and Cheenu dada went
Each and every corner Cheenu dada would climb
And Ishan would follow not far behind

Finally Cheenu dada picked one high spot
And off he went - soon he was atop
Ishan at the bottom gazed up high
And decided he too would give it a try

Two year olds shouldn't set their goals so high
Trying things 4 year olds are better suited to try
Mumma wisely tried to explain
But soon realized her efforts were in vain

There was her little prince now perched up high
'How will you come down now? ' She said with a sigh
Panic and drama seized her now
Proud calm parenting exited with a bow

Up she went to rescue her baby
A fine sight for passers-by surely!
High above now Mumma sat with Ishan
Still unsure of how to get him down

Finally Sulu mavshi gave a hand
And Ishan was able to safely land
Fine adventure it was for everyone
A day at the park and so much fun


Prashant Dabholkar said...

Good one Neha........ Who would have thought one could express this situation in such a beautiful poetry

nimish kaul said...

Wow well written and beautifully captured.