Friday, September 16, 2016

Bridget Jone's Baby

Finally! A wonderful, funny, thought provoking beautifully made movie. Well.. why underplay it? A phenomenal, hilarious, poignant smashing hit it is!!

As far as sequels go, one of the best!! I cannot believe they could come up with something better the second time round, that too so many years later. Recently saw 2 mediocre sequels after really enjoying the first parts. Dumb and dumber 2 and my big fat greek wedding 2. Both seemed to have tried really hard to be as gripping and funny as their prequels. But Bridget Jone's Baby really got it right.  The characters have somehow become more endearing.  And oh Darcy! What a brilliant brilliant way to keep this character alive. I got it, the way the character stays true not just to the erudite Mark Darcy in Bridget Jone's Dairy, but to the elegant proud Mr Darcy who Colin Firth first played in Pride and Prejudice. 

Each and every character in this movie is endearingly funny without being over the top. Just the right pinch of British humour, without making it a Jerry Springer-ish horror. Everyone is entitled to their emotions and turmoils beacuse of the borderline slapstick situation they find themselves in, but they come out of it with grace and elegance. I especially enjoyed how Bridget's mom gracefully accepts her daughter's blunder and turns her political campaign around to accommodate her daughter's situation.  Really well written and well directed.

Oh and the new cutipie in Bridget's life... well done, Bridget.  Wonderful character once again and what a dish that actor is!

The movie was an evening well spent. Makes me want to get my hands on the books. Something tells me I won't be disappointed.  What are you waiting for? Go see the movie! Its ideal for a ladies nite out, as well as a laugh riot with the man.

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